"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Steve Prefontaine

What We Do?


Private Coaching

We write  custom plans for athletes whether your goal  is to complete your first 5k or to qualify for the Olympic trials. 

What Distances / Events Do We Coach?

Our coaching staff can coach anything from Hurdles, Sprints, and all the way up to some ultra marathon distances. 

Is this Just for Elite level Athletes?

Our Coaching staff has plenty of experience coaching new runners who have never run before all the way up to elite level athletes. 


Brian enjoyd his plan so much he said this!

"After two years of running on training plans I had made for myself and disappointing marathon times as a result, I knew it was time for a change.  Choosing Brandon as a coach was an easy decision.  It was clear from his results that he had the knowledge to take any runner to the next level.  We got to work in February with the Chicago Marathon in October as our target race.  He started with an assessment of my strengths and weaknesses and customized a plan that honored the former and refused to ignore the latter.  During the entire buildup, I felt like I was running within myself, never pushing to injury, but towards the end, I was completing workouts with relative ease that I wouldn’t have thought were possible had he shown them to me at the start.  I had always dreamed of striding easily down that finishing straight and celebrating, the clock showing my goal time well in-hand.  On October 13th, 2018, I got to experience just that.  My goal, which I thought was insane, was a 2:39:59 (my best had been a 2:52), and I ran a 2:37:25.  Without Brandon’s guidance, I know I never would have achieved that.  I know athletes who work with other coaches who continue to miss their goal times.  Unfortunately, they are usually too personally invested in their coach to make the right change.  I recommend making the right choice and going with Brandon.  You’re not getting any younger, and your time and effort is worth it. "  

Want to Know More?

Go to the contact us page to talk to Brandon about what we can do for you!